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Broken Glasses dumped at Jokai Reserve Forest

(By Avik chakraborty): The Jokai reserve forest which is 18 km away from Dibrugarh town have recently witnessed an anti-social activity by some miscreants who have dumped a huge pile of broken glasses inside the reserve forest which is a restricted area. The broken glasses can affect the paw of the wild animals, which are found in the reserve forest.

According to sources a large amount of broken glasses were also dumped on the way to forest road which causes problem for the villagers. “I generally go around Jokai Reserve forest to take photographs and recently I have gone to Jokai to take pictures and I have noticed that a huge amount of broken glasses were dumped inside the restricted area of the forest,’’ said Debasish Roy, an environmentalist of Dibrugarh.

Sources said that they have seen earlier that some business person from Dibrugarh town came to Jokai to dump the broken glasses and especially in the night time they usually do such activity. Babul Baruah, forest ranger of Dibrugarh, said, “We have sent a team to know about who have dumped a huge amount of broken glasses into the forest,’’.

The local NGO’S and the environmental enthusiasts criticized the incident and demanded a throw probe into the matter and appeal all the local resident of the Jokai to comes out to save the flora and fauna of the reserve forest.

However, the Jokai reserve forest had been a rich treasure trove of various species of flora and fauna, which include some important species, which are nearly extinct now. Beside the reserve, forest is also home to various butterflies.

Sources said Jokai reserve forest can become a tourism spot for the tourist who came to Dibrugarh but due to poor management on the part of Assam Government the forest will be very soon emerge as a centre for anti-social activities.

According to sources illegal cutting down of the trees in the Jokai reserve forest is the regular phenomenon and the concerned department have not played any role to stop such illegal activity. “The villagers living near the reserve forest were mostly seen cutting the tress of the forest for fuel and fodder,’’ said a local resident of Jokai.

Nakul Khound, coordinator of IRABKIRAB, a local environmental NGO said, “Awareness and community participation is very much necessary to curb such incident,’’. He said Forest department should do patrolling time to time to stop such illegal activity.