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In the galaxy of start-ups a new meteor has evolved

(By Abhinav Bahttacharyya): Unbeknownst and often oblivious amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life, BZF had been an integral part of the northeast commercial retail and consumer merchandise bandwagon.

Very much from the cusp of a struggling industry, this has been a thrust to most industries which are lying in the pangs of a flourishing market. A platform to explore and learn the flora and fauna of northeast, from our quintessential views, all ready to be positively exploited. Our contribution towards this newly evolved yet robust avatar will be a step towards empowering the civilisation of a very diverse developing economy.

Primary strengths of BZF are the immaculate vision of its founder and CEO Debashish Khargharia, his mode of universality of incubator concept is apt and revolutionary. The company fundamentals also speak volumes in context to access to capital and expertise in entrepreneurship. With increasing sales volume and the move for an ecommerce platform will definitely surge the company to penetrate further into the global landscape which it’s meant for.

Pertaining to the needs and wants of the perennial humans, we have come up with a handful of products and they are just too ripe with sheer authenticity for each one of you to grab one! Precisely, Its current product categories are: Apparels: Hoodie, Leggings, Polo Shirt, Sports Jersey, Sweatshirt, T-Shirts. And from the food product line we have: Ghost pepper ketchup/Paste/Pickle.

An introduction of its premier showstopper product line "Red Trip" would just be an understatement. It’s a mammoth of its own kind. The infamous "Bhut Jolokia" aka the Ghost pepper is here for grabs. The amalgamation of the world’s hottest chilli and organic flavoured spices to form an aura of astounding ketchup and a savoury pickle is what the mankind was looking for. Its currently marketed all over the globe solely by Bazari Funde.

Of course, there’s a lot of hard work at the backstage! Debasish Khargharia, Founder & Chief of Strategy and Public Relation; Angshu Protim Chaliha Head of the Agriculture and Food products department; Sourav Paul Choudhury  Head of the Fashion and Apparel department, Abhishek Duara Head of the Sales and distribution, Odity Chetia  Creative Editor. Feel free to get in touch with them at (+91 9854949147 / +91 9577975007​) .

The red trip is more of an occasional retrospective step , accumulated with lucrative opportunities to bring upon hordes of unknown discoveries which were hidden and definitely not marketed. This is the step which we consider the key towards the international plunge of domestic amenities of the North East which always held importance to its evolving economic abilities, of course there's a twist, and that's the vibrancy of the seven sisters coming together to take on the ride and give you all a taste of "Ghost Pepper" with sheer aromatic exuberance and no added preservatives!

Moreover, the company has astute vision to increase its ever evolving product lines. the latest infusions have been into the interior decor section where its introducing its product "Burgundy Vines". The core value of the company is based on the basic amenities of human kind "Roti, Kapra", "Makan". This latest infusion into “Makan” product lines completes its fundamental goal to achieve the same. For its fashion and apparel product line BZF, the company has introduced another stunner of a product in "Purple Ox". Which is bound to capture the imagination of the customers without doubt.

Promoters urge you to get involved in this long cherished dream of the team and "live it" to make it local globally.

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