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Bodo, the earliest settlers of Assam

Known to be the earliest settlers of Assam and the first to cultivate rice and rear silkworms in Assam, the Bodos spe

Assamese Diaspora
Assam is acknowledged as the settling land for a lot of cultures.
Assam, 1826-1947
The British East India Company annexed Bengal in 1765, and Assam in 1838. As early as 1868, British administrators saw the need for an independent administration in the eastern portion of the Bengal Presidency. They felt that Fort William in Calcutta, the capital of British India, was already overburdened. By 1903, it dawned on the colonial government on the necessity of partitioning Bengal.
Tale of one horned Indian rhinos
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Coins from the Ahom kingdom
The Ahom Kingdom was founded in the 13th century by migrants from northeastern Burma who conquered the old kingdom of Kamarupa.
Vrindavani Vastra

Vrindavani Vastra is strips of lampas-woven coloured silk, each strip slightly different, and stitched to the next on