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Mlechchha dynasty

The Mlechchha dynasty (c. 650 - 900) ruled Kamarupa from their capital at Hadapeshvar in the present-day Tezpur, Assam, after the fall of the Varman dynasty. The rulers were aboriginals (local clan, genetically non-diverse), and like all other claimed lineages, their lineage from Narakasura was constructed to accord legitimacy to their rule. According to historical records, there were twenty-one rulers in this dynasty but the line is obscure and the names of some intervening rulers are not known. The Mlechchha dynasty in Kamarupa was followed by the Pala kings. According to some historians, the remnant of the Mlechchha kingdom formed the later Kachari kingdom based in Dimapur after being driven south and east by Brahmapala of the Pala dynasty.

Recently, ruins of an ancient temple, believed to be of the 7th-century Salastambha dynasty (675 AD -725 AD) in Assam, have been discovered by the archaeological department during excavation at Jokai, 15 km from Dibrugarh town.

  • Salasthamba (650-670)
  • Vijaya alias Vigrahastambha
  • Palaka
  • Kumara
  • Vajradeva
  • Harshadeva alias Harshavarman (725-745)
  • Balavarman II
  • Salambha
  • Harjjaravarman (815-832)
  • Vanamalavarmadeva (832-855)
  • Jayamala alias Virabahu (855-860)
  • Balavarman III (860-880)
  • Tyagasimha (890-900)